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Designed with detail in every part, comfortable materials, waterproof, and using YKK accessories so that they are sturdy and do not break easily when used for activities.

Material : 80% Polyester , 20% Cotton

Model : Using in size XL Height (180) Weight 80

With regards to package shipping, we will process the delivery of your order after you provide us with your contactable phone number for a smooth delivery process by the courier and your order arrives safely at your door.

Because if your order is delivered back to us, that is the last thing we want right?


You shall take full responsibility for your purchase. No refund will be issued, and a request of return for a purchased product shall not be entertained unless the defect or loss is due to shipping failure**.

For request changes in size and items, you can contact us through customer service by WhatsApp

**Terms and conditions applied.


Light weight water proof fabric

Shipping & Returns



40X40X15 CM

Care Instructions

How to care Nylon/ Polyester fabric:

  • Use a little detergen so the colour doesn't Fade up
  • Wash it by hand
  • Do not dry the jacket directly in the sun, Just let them air out.
  • Do not use iron, unless use a steam iron tp tidy up
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